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MultiThread IT Support is a team of certified IT professionals with dynamic skills for effective IT support and resource management.


Our IT Support Services

We provide delightful customer support services to all our clients. MultiThread engages full-time and part-time IT professionals, who bring together decades of experience in providing and maintaining simple and highly customized ICT solutions. Our customer support team provides rapid 12-hour, after-sales support and service to our customers.


Our highly trained and experienced personnel visit and guide customers through any technical challenges both on site and remote.


MultiThread support staff adheres to the relevant professional code of ethics eg. Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) and ensures they are not compromised.


We set up our system to compliment your internal IT resources to deliver quick turnaround on our support services to prevent downtime.


Our support team provides rapid response after-sales support and services to customers via omnichannel. We make special arrangement for weekends and holidays to ensure our clients are always up and running

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IT Support Services

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