Unified Communications

Single unified platform for chat, call, video, screen sharing, file sharing, document collaboration, and apps integration for amazing outcomes anytime anywhere.


What is Unified Communications?

Our Unified Communications solution encompasses modern technologies that keep people connected for meaningful engagement and access to shared content anytime anywhere to learn, plan, and innovate -together. Microsoft Teams provides the platform for call, chat, video sharing, file sharing, and app integration to collaborate efficiently with colleagues and partners.

Leveraging on AudioCodes technologies, we enable enterprises and service providers to integrate advanced voice features into their unified communications platforms.

Connect naturally

Chat, call, and share video simply from one place that helps you stay close to all the people in your life.

Make something great together

With shared documents and files are always available, you can create, share, and exchange ideas whenever you want to and keep things moving forward together.

Stay in the flow

When all the best apps and features that you need are at your fingertips, you become more focused and efficient.

Bridge the communication gab

Enable advanced voice features in Microsoft Teams and more for a true unified communication.

Enhance meeting room experience

Video-enable your meeting rooms for physical-virtual collaboration to deliver continuous productivity in the enterprise

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