Network Services

Our network services go beyond the physical cabling work to architect how data is securely transported from one point to another.


Our Network Services

We consciously examine how data is transported progressively from one point to another within the network. This includes the type of cabling employed per the design, where and how the cable is installed, and how it is terminated to reduce data loss. Beyond that, we carefully consider the active equipment (switch, router, firewall, etc) and its position in the network architecture.

Data, Voice, and WiFi Services

Our network services include structured cabling for data and voice services. We also design and deploy WiFi solutions for businesses and campuses.

Switches, Routers and Firewall Installation and Management

We supply, install, and maintain network devices including switches, routers, and firewalls. We blend these devices across brands to provide simple yet secured networking system for our clients.

CCTV and Access Control installation.

Restricting access to certain areas within your organization premises is the first level of security to protect your organization. We provide CCTV and access control installation and maintenance services.

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Network Services

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