Performance Appraisal App

Digitalized KPI driven performance appraisal system


What is the Performance Appraisal App about?

It is a digital appraisal system which sets KPIs from onset between managers and subordinates under the oversight of HR. It keeps audit trail of various responses and serves as a reminder system on designated tasks. Also, it gathers data and analyses them for management use when integrated with Power BI.

Streamlined assessment process

Uniformed process for employee assessment and feedback, both peer and vertical.

KPI driven

Objectives are set ahead of the appraisal which then makes the process a motivator or catalyst for optimal employee performance

Identify training needs

Easily identify and track training needs for performance improvement.

Centralized repository

A central repository for common point of reference.

Embedded Power BI analytics

Rich management report content can be generated and analyzed using Power BI to know the entire performance of the organization based on set KPIs

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